Samantha & The Snow Day

This past weekend I had the privilege of having a mini photoshoot with one of my childhood best friends.

Samantha and I met in 5th grade, and for many years we were inseparable. We went through a lot together in our adolescence, and then in our teen years we didn’t see much of each other. A few years ago we moved into the same city, and now we live just a 5 minute drive apart. It wasn’t difficult for us to pick things up where we left them, real friendship is always waiting there for you.

One of our favorite things to do is to sit down to a cuppa of english breakfast and discuss our lives (all while petting our cats of course). Today we did just that, but first, we went out and played in the snow for a 15 minute mini session! Samantha is a lovely model and we really were laughing the entire time (after all, a photoshoot is an experience, and you should be having fun!)

Check out some highlights from our snow day below!








Now, have you got a chance to play in the snow yet this winter? Go ahead, go!




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