Ken & Rico

I recently had the privilege of photographing two good friends of mine, Rico and Ken. They just hit their 5 year anniversary, and I was actually there on the night they met. We all went to Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. I was hanging out with Ken and a few other friends, and he mentioned how beautiful he thought the woman across the room was. We all joked with him, but he insisted on talking to her, and eventually getting her number. Luckily, he succeeded, and today the two are one of the most adorable couples I know. They live in Carmel, IN with their three dogs, and I would argue that this couple is nothing but #goals. To celebrate their 5 year anniversary, the three of us embarked upon an adventure across Carmel. We shot in three locations: Their back yard, The Carmel Christkindlmarket, and their living room (Yes! You can take lovely photos in your own home!)

First, Ken & Rico not only have a beautiful home, but their back yard lines up with a pond and small wooded area, and lucky for us it was a beautiful and sunny cold day.




Next, we made our way to Downtown Carmel for some shots at the ice skating rink and the Christkindlmarket!






Finally, to wrap up our long day of walking around outside in the cold, Ken & Rico cozied up in their living room. The room was luminescent with natural light, which was a beautiful touch with all of the cool colors of their space.




While the two are so beautiful together, I also managed to capture a few individual portraits, here is a sneak peak at those!



I am so thankful to these two models, and we all had such a fun time during this morning/afternoon shoot. I am currently seeking models for portrait and couples photography, and I thank you for checking out this first couples session!

screenshot 2019-01-17 13.18.15

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