Nicole, Brent & Amelia

The first step to becoming a good photographer is to practice and apply what you have learned about both your camera and the art of photography itself. My personal goals are to practice portrait photography of individuals, couples, and families.

I am so lucky that my friends let me practice with their little family to build my portfolio. Brent and Nicole were married a few years ago at the Ambassador House and Heritage Gardens in Fishers, Indiana. For this photoshoot we chose to go back, but this time we would have little Amelia. Having attended the wedding myself, it was a nostalgic experience, and i’m sure even more so for Brent and Nicole as they ventured back to where their commitment began. Going back through the photos immediately after our session I was grinning from ear to ear. I had so much fun on this shoot and it truly validated my choice to explore photography as a creative outlet. I loved knowing I had captured beautiful images that they would surely look at the rest of their lives.


Right away little Amelia was a little ham. She loves smiling at the camera, and I was thankful to always have at least one parent beside me to capture her attention. Family photography is not easy because there is a lot of movement, and children are unpredictable. It took us a few minutes, but once we hit our groove, it just kept coming.


This photo is one of the first we took at the Ambassador House. I love that we captured the curiosity as Amelia adjusted to this new location. Some say everyone needs to say cheese and “smile!”, but so much can be learned from the eyes of a child as they take in their surroundings.


I loved this shot because it shows how happy Amelia is to look into her mother’s eyes. The intimate connection between the two is so obvious.


Nicole and Brent tell me daddy is the playful one. It is no surprise that in his arms, Amelia bursts into laughter.


This little girl is pretty independent and has no problem being set down for a little bit! In fact, she may just speed away if you let her. Thankfully, before she ran I was able to get a few beautiful portraits of her in her Christmas coat.


Believe it or not, this little girl posed herself! She wanted to stand and so she did. While I got many photos of her smiling and standing up against this fence, this shot is one of my favorites because it shows her determination and focus. Being a baby is hard, and so is learning how to stand and walk on your own!


While little Amelia played right next to us, I was able to get a few couples portraits of Brent and Nicole. I love the way she leans right into him, and with her beautiful Morganite wedding ring shining right in focus as a reminder that right at this house the two were married.


While taking more intimate shots of the two, I got a few of their conversation. I think it is really important to take some photos of a couple being themselves, and if this doesn’t show their playfulness, then I don’t know what would. Not all great photos are posed, some are caught in the moment. This moment shows that the two still make each other laugh. Playfulness is so important!

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to capture this moment in their lives for my very first photoshoot. It was a great experience with several learning moments. I look forward to my next shoot!

screenshot 2019-01-17 13.18.15

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