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Welcome, Bienvenue!

My name is Cat Auriella, & i’m a Northside Indy photographer and poetry author.

Whatever brings you here, I’m sure you’d like to get to know me better before choosing to be in front of my camera or read my work!

I believe that photography should be a personal experience. I know firsthand that getting behind the camera can really be a sort of intimacy that most people aren’t used to. Creativity is a form of expression, and I get as deep into my pictures as I do my writing. It is my pleasure to get to know you and make sure we find a level of comfort and warmth with one another. This should be an enjoyable experience. Whether you are trusting me with the day you give birth or you are doing a senior portrait or boudoir session, I will be prepared to instruct, cheer, and get down in the dirt for the best shots (literally). I am enthusiastic and supportive, and I aim to turn your photos into visual poetry.

I love warm autumn colors, cozying up with a book and a matcha latte, petting kittens, mentoring youth (teacher over here), and being introspective over the smallest details.